Assessment & Career Advice



Everyone needs a little help with their goals.

At some point in your career, you may reach a professional crossroad, have a change of personal circumstances or simply have a desire to do something different. We offer an honest professional assessment of your experience through face to face meetings, formal psychometric testing and training, coaching and mentoring services.

We will seek to understand, support, challenge and develop you. In practice this means we will highlight and build on your strengths and identify and develop areas that need improvement.



Sometimes it helps to talk things through confidentially. This is not always possible with colleagues who may have preconceived opinions. We offer honest advice at all times and are in it for the long haul. We have worked with people for years sharing births, deaths, marriages and major life-changing events with them. Every person is unique and every person has something to offer. We will point you in the right direction, make introductions and offer any other assistance that we can.



We can help you with training packages on specific skills such as interview training, leadership case studies, crisis management, media skills etc.

Psychometric testing and profiling tools are a useful method of evaluation. We work with partners who offer a full range of tests and analysis.



In some countries like the USA, executive coaching is the norm for the majority of people following the leadership career path. Everyone can benefit from coaching and guidance and it allows exploration of ideas, values, aspirations, ambitions and potential. The key word here is potential. We all have it. Imagine a completely open environment where no-one is judging you. Coaching allows you to discuss your aspirations, passions and circumstances in depth to help you reach your desired goal.

We all have an inner voice which quietly niggles inside. It may be to break free from your current job, to take a career gap and travel the world or retrain, to work in a different sector. This is the ideal time to seek a coach. All of our associate coaches are experienced and we will do our best to match you with someone who can bring the best out of you.



Most successful people will have had an influential person or mentor to confide in and bounce ideas off at some point in their careers. We can introduce you to people who have a wealth of experience from different sectors who are pleased to share their knowledge and act as a mentor.