Cover Letter


This all important letter allows you to directly address specific requirements of the job profile and sell your specific skills. Even if you are emailing a job application, the letter should be clear and expressive.

  • Ensure the correct name and address are used.
  • The opening line should specify the role and why you are interested.
  • The next two to four paragraphs should use real examples to illustrate how you meet the brief.
  • Sign off formally in your own style.









Recruiter Name

Company Name

Company Address



Any job reference


Dear Mr/s Recruiter,


I was interested to see that you are looking for a xxxxxxx.


Paragraph 1 Reason 1 for meeting the requirements


Paragraph 2: Reason 2 for meeting the requirements


Paragraph 3: Illustrate the wow factor you bring that cannot be seen in your CV or is unusual in your line of work.


Paragraph 4: Highlight any personal reasons or specific motivations that make you particularly suited to the role.


Sign-off: I look forward to hearing from you/discussing my application at interview.


Yours Sincerely,


Signature or scanned signature if electronic application


Title Firstname Lastname