Business Intelligence

Business Strategy Illustration with Chalk on Blackboard


Business intelligence is an integral part of our research and market mapping activity. We provide honest, evidence-based business intelligence as part of our service. This includes defining the quality of talent available, competitor analysis, specific functional and team analysis and full market mapping.



Understanding the landscape and competitors can be crucial for business strategy. We can advise on organisational structure, local and regional drivers, key people and additional defined and elusive elements that underpin success.



A specific service examining sectoral or functional remuneration packages designed to attract and retain the best talent.



A truly bespoke service which is tailored to exact requirements and recommendations.



We identify relevant profiles of people who would add value to your business and who have the highest potential to be a good fit. As partners in the truest sense, these people are flagged up as part of our search process even if they are not part of the mandated search assignment.



A unique product where we work closely to develop the ‘internal recruiters’ within the organisation. This has been developed as a specific response to client needs to address recruiting bias and change the demographic profile of company employees. Decision-making throughout the hiring process needs to be open, unbiased and fair to ensure that the end choice of candidate is the best possible result. We provide a tailor-made consulting solution to ensure that internal hiring managers are trained so this happens every time there is a new hire.