We offer a confidential strategic advisory service as a one-off or longer-term service. These include board and team assessments, team building exercises, training and coaching. We deliver specific programmes too. For example interviewing skills, media training and presentation skills.



Identifying, nurturing and developing the talent of the future is an important part of our day to day work and we are in contact with many people from different walks of life. We are inclusive in our approach and everyone is valued for their contribution to the world. Identifying the shining stars who have the potential to be the leaders of the future is what we are great at.

Our database, networks and research reach far and wide locally, nationally and internationally and we believe in the six degrees of separation. We can reach talented candidates beyond your expectations and are committed to nurturing and developing them. Our talent pools are second to none and we seek out and have relationships with aspiring executive and non-executive directors. Whilst remaining inclusive, we have a particular focus on BME, females, disabled and LGBT talent. The hardest decision to make is who to appoint.