Our expertise encompasses all functional areas.



We have worked at board level extensively and have appointed hundreds of people as Chairs, Non-Executive Directors, Trustees and Chief Executives. This includes expertise for Audit, Remuneration and Compensation committees, Nominations and Special Projects committees.



If you need an ACA, ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA, PRA or other specialist financial certification, we are connected to the existing and future talent. We have searched for tax, audit, compliance, Finance Directors and Chief Financial Officers for executive and non-executive positions.



As businesses develop and grow, strategic and corporate development become of paramount importance. We find people with sharp business acumen and strategic thinking skills. We are also skilled at finding people to help turnaround failing business and develop transformation programmes where a change of direction is required.



With HR spanning across all verticals and partnering with business heads, it is of paramount importance and is a complex, multi-faceted area. People management requires individuals who possess the ability and knowhow to address all matters of performance, appraisals, remuneration and benefits, recruitment, training and development, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, warnings, redundancies and contract terminations.



A good business development executive will be able to scout for opportunities, sniff them out and close the deal. An even better one will create an opportunity, where one hadn’t existed and will bring two sides together.

Sales executives are responsible for the incremental growth of a product, division or business. This demanding job often requires extensive travel to meet potential prospects and then outstanding relationship skills to close and deliver the deal negotiated.

Nowadays marketing spans a large arena and there are many avenues to successful campaigns. Whether a marketing budget is on a shoestring or has millions of pounds of revenue behind it, a successful campaign will help a product or service launch tremendously by spreading the word. Utilising traditional TV and print, social media campaigns, word of mouth and targeted personalised strategies, a good marketing executive should be able to grasp the essence of a business and tell the world about it.



The digital space is constantly evolving and the way we transact and stay informed is also changing. With new technologies being developed, coders, programmers, architects, developers, systems integrators and a whole host of tech-savvy people are crucial to any business who has a digital presence. Nowadays that does include most.

E-commerce is changing the way we buy and sell goods and services and new innovative ways of spending are being developed and launched to make the transaction as convenient as possible.

IT covers all communication processes within a business from computers to phones, fixed and mobile and provides the core communication services. Ensuring that up to date and user-friendly systems, processes and policies are in place to enable effective communication whilst ensuring the highest levels of security and data protection is essential for any IT department. A good IT executive will have the knowledge and experience of making this possible and be able to quickly address and find solutions when things don’t work.



Whether it’s a bank, manufacturing business or charity, operational effectiveness ensures that the right departments talk to one another when they need to and things run smoothly. Operational management is complex, critical and connects the different parts of a business. The best operations people make this look seamless.



If you’re looking for a Company Secretary, in-house legal counsel, partner for a law firm, shorter term legal assistance or a NED with a legal background, we have an extensive range of contacts and have worked with lawyers, barristers and QC’s on a selection of roles.



Advisors come in all shapes and guises, across all functional expertise, part-time and full-time, temporary and permanent, executive and non-executive. We have helped organisations to put together advisory boards, committees of subject matter experts and individual specialist advisors for shorter term projects and objectives. We have a vast network across different disciplines and can help to connect the dots to improve your business.



Core R&D is not just limited to the traditional pharmaceutical, engineering or manufacturing industries. Nowadays everyone is conducting some qualitative and quantitative research to forward their agenda. All new product and service launches will have an element of research done before their actual launch and on-going data collection and analysis is a key part of developing and tweaking the offering. Whether you are after a specific technical specialist or someone who is involved in market research or analysis, we can help.



Most companies strive to have the most efficient supply chain and logistics processes in place to reduce inefficiencies and maximise cost-reduction. The savings gained by having carefully designed supply chain processes in place not only impact on the bottom line profits, but ensure that customers get their products when they should.



There is often a business need for a shorter term contract to cover maternity leave, sick leave or simply for projects that need extra pairs of hands. There is an increasing pool of people trained in all disciplines who work for fixed periods of time as contractors, temporary workers or to fill interim roles whilst a substantive person is being recruited. We have an extensive database of people from all backgrounds who work on short-term temporary contracts and can fill the interim gap quickly.