We are passionate about and wholly committed to Inclusiversity (inclusion and diversity) in all of our interactions. We are particularly interested in helping Black & Minority Ethnic (BAME) and female candidates achieve their full potential. Every executive search we conduct has a broad reach with diverse talent making the ultimate shortlist.

Diversity is a very topical issue and there are a lot of organisations embracing equality, diversity and inclusion. How this is approached varies from company to company with some companies employing Diversity and Inclusion leads and others implementing it through the HR or other function. Whichever way you look at it, diversity and inclusion are key to improved business performance and much research has been published that proves the business case for diversity. To get to the core of what this means, this is not just about women, ethnicity, background, disability, LGBT or any other diversity trait and diversity for the sake of it will not work because too many differing voices will not achieve coherence. To achieve true diversity, there must be a well thought out strategy for ensuring that all recruitment, appraisals, performance management, training and development have proper consideration for a range of diverse backgrounds.

Our experience, commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion runs deep through everything that we do and everything that we believe. We are passionate advocates for broadening longlists, shortlists and helping at the crucial decision-making time for the all-important candidate appointment. We could go on, but in reality seeing is believing and a recruitment exercise with us will show that we endeavour to make diversity an integral part of each recruitment process, even if it means educating people along the way.

We value diversity and positively encourage applications for all posts from all sections of society.



There are several benefits of promoting equality, diversity and inclusion:


  • The best candidate from the widest pool of applicants is appointed to post.


  • There should be reasonable adjustments for the disabled to ensure they are not disadvantaged at work.


  • The working environment values differences between staff and expects an environment that embraces fairness, dignity and respect.


  • There is an opportunity for a reasonable work-life balance, for example opportunities to work from home, part-time or flexible hours.


  • There are opportunities for getting training, career development and promotion based on merit, performance, skills, knowledge and relevant experience for the role.


Please see Consulting for our Board Advisory work and Talent Development for our work with the development of Diverse Talent Pools.