Tips for Success




Applying for a new job can be a daunting experience but there are certain tricks to keeping your cool and landing it.


  1. Do your homework – this sounds a bit old school, and it is. Think carefully about the role you want and the organisation you want to work with. The onus is on you to do the necessary research and background reading into the industry, opportunities and deciphering reality from perception.
  2. Take time to write or update your CV. Add any relevant new skills, training and responsibilities.
  3. Equally important is the covering letter/supporting statement.
  4. Network far and wide, whether discreetly or openly to let people know you are receptive to a move. Speak to a range of recruiters/head hunters so they are aware of you.
  5. Start having those coffees/drinks that you have just been too busy to fit in. These can be golden opportunities for all sorts of new ventures.
  6. Go for it and send those job applications. Keep a track of what you have applied for, who you have written to and follow up for timely responses. Being organised will play a big part in landing that role.
  7. When you are called for an interview, as before, do your homework! Find out who the key people are, their backgrounds, refresh yourself on the organisation and check for any recent news stories. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people to ask for guidance with preparing for the interview. Thorough preparation means those interview jitters won’t surface.
  8. Many senior positions will ask for a presentation of some sort based on a theme, challenge or scenario. Prepare well!!! Content, presentation and delivery all play a part in success.
  9. Make sure you dress appropriately. If the company culture is a polished office look and suits and brogues/heels are the norm, don’t show up in jeans and trainers – you may or may not be taken seriously. Equally if smart-casual is the working environment, then imitate that. These simple tips will ensure you are feeling relaxed and fit in for maximum impact during the interview.
  10. Follow-up for feedback. If you succeed, well done. If not, asking for and listening to constructive feedback will help you adapt your approach for the next time around.