Why Choose Us?

why choose us


  • Impact and working in partnership. We get real pleasure from seeing the successful impact our work has on a business through working in partnership. Our approach is transformational, performance and output focused.


  • Expertise encompassing deep sector knowledge, extensive cross-sector networks, traditional database and innovative research methodologies.


  • Depth of knowledge, across the private, public, health, not for profit and international development sectors.


  • 99.9% Completion rate. Our track record speaks for itself and is industry leading. We are confident of our ability and always deliver the best result.


  • Networks built over 15 years including a wide range of aspiring senior executives, existing senior executives and individuals who will fit the brief and are passionate about making an impact.


  • Integrity and honesty are deep seated values and are at the heart of everything we do.


  • Competitive advantage over others because of our proactive, constructive and innovative approach to candidates and clients alike, whether we have placed them or not.


  • Focus on successful completion whilst ensuring flexible and open communication throughout the process.


  • Agile with few off-limits or conflicts of interest which hinder larger executive search businesses, whose recent and current clients cannot be approached. We can genuinely tap on the shoulder of and engage with any potential source or candidate.


  • Pragmatic, informal and easy to do business with, ensuring a truly creative, targeted, personalised approach.


  • Strategic Solutions. We offer ideas that raise your business performance above the expected and raise your output.